CSB® bearings for Fitness/ physical therapy equipment

The use of maintenance-free, self-lubricating plastic plain bearings can enhance the comfort and durability of fitness equipment, while reducing operating noise.

Strength Training Auxiliaries

EPB plastic sleeves: used in the rotation and adjustment mechanisms of multifunctional training equipment for maintenance-free operation;

LIN plastic linear bearings: used on the weight guide bars of multifunctional training equipment to achieve low noise operation;


EPB plastic sleeves: used in multifunctional exercise bikes; achieves oil-free lubrication and low noise operation;


EPB plastic sleeves: used in simulated surfing machines to achieve lubrication-free operation and low noise;

Ride Horse Machine

EPB plastic sleeves: used in home horse riding machines for maintenance-free operation;


EPB3 plastic sleeves: used on the rotation mechanism of maintenance-free steppers;


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