316Ti stainless steel linear guide rail and sliding block [NEW2022]

CSB® has launched the latest 316Ti stainless steel linear guides(single round rail / double round rail) and sliding block. It has good corrosion resistance, resistance to dirt with LIN liners, self-lubrication, maintenance free, resistance dust and no noise.

New inch size series of CSB-LIN®P precision linear bearings [NEW2022]

CSB-LIN®P precision linear bearings have the same dimensional accuracy as metal ball linear bearings, but with higher load carrying capacity and extremely low operating noise. The liners are made of TEFPLAS® compounds developed for maintenance-free and low friction coefficient, LINP linear bearings suitable for ± 200 ℃ operation temperature; LINP small gap operation with TEFPLAS® materials will not damage to the shaft and can clean the surface dirt.

New standard sheets of EPB13 material for high wear-resistant applications [NEW2022]

EPB13 material has been widely used in automation equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, food packaging and beverage filling industries as high wear-resistant plastic linear bearings, plastic bearings and other bearing products; at the same time, as a wear-resistant plastic sheet, it can be used for processing and is not suitable for injection molding Process thick-walled parts, wear-resistant sliding plates, wear-resistant plastic nuts and other industrial parts.

Square Linear Guides [NEW2022]

CSB-LIN®Q square linear guide system ensures linear, torqueresistant motion are ideally suited for the unsupported applications. Due to the hollow design of the surface hard anodized aluminum alloy square rail, the cables can be inserted ...

Plastic ball bearings and ball transfer units [NEW2022]

The inner and outer races and cages of CSB-PRB® plastic ball bearings are made of high-performance plastics, and the ball materials can be selected from stainless steel, glass, ceramics, etc.; PRB plastic rolling bearings have good self-lubricating performance and corrosion resistance; Plastic ball bearings have higher operating speeds than CSB-EPB® plastic plain bearings, CSB-PRB® plastic ball bearings require small driving force and are suitable for use as follower bearings. The flange ball bearings and the ball bearing blocks further expand the use characteristics of the plastic ball bearings, and ensure the requirements of low friction coefficient and small driving force, realize the automatic centering function, and solve the problem of the installation center error of the plastic ball bearings. In 2022, CSB® upgraded the optimized combination of plastic ball bearings, which further expanded the applicability of PRB plastic ball bearings. CSB® also design non-standard customized bearing products for customer.

Maintenance-free roller linear guides [NEW2022]

In some applications, in addition to maintenance-free and clean requirements, linear motion guides also require a small drive force. Traditional sliding maintenance-free linear guides cannot achieve lower drive force due to material technical limitations. CSB® currently introduces maintenance-free roller guides. The rollers made of wear-resistant composite materials with rolling bearings inside, and the driving force is about 10% of sliding carriages; the guide rail and the mounting plate of the rolling carriages are made of light aluminum alloy; The rolling carriages with the gap compensation adjustment device, which can realize almost zero gap operation. Installation threaded holes are consistent with the standard ball sliders. Very suitable for high speed applications, the speed up to 10m/s; the maximum operating temperature up to 120℃; , CSB® can design more roller slides upon request.

NEW Plastic linear bearings [2022]

CSB-LIN® Maintanence free plastic linear bearings. Low noise operation is suitable for continous application under the extremely dusty environment. It is washable by the clean detergent of the food machine. There is no critical requirement about the shaft hardness or the mounting holes of the housing. Suitable for long-time running in dusty environments. CSB® releases new linear bearing LIN-11BH plastic linear pillow blocks and LIN-12BHL long design linear pillow blocks. New plastic linear bearings still uses hard anodized aluminum alloy as a retainer, and installed the liners with CSB®EPB13 wear-resistant composite material, The bearings available mounted from one side or top with bolts, More installation solutions for plastic linear bearings.

New Self-aligning Plastic Bearings [NEW2022]

CSB-BAL® standard plastic spherical bearings with self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant, lightweight design and automatic compensation of installation deviation. It has been used in packaging machinery, automation industry, etc.; based on the user's demand for lower driving force and higher dimensional stability to meet the requirements of performance and other requirements, CSB® engineers combined CSB-BAL® plastic spherical bearings with CSB-PRB® plastic ball bearings to launch a new -BB series self-aligning plastic ball bearings with lower driving force, CSB-BAL® plastic spherical bearings combined with CSB-ALB® high-speed plain bearings, the new -ALG series self-aligning plastic spherical bearings with higher running speed and dimensional stability are launched.

CSB® Bearings CAD System Online

CSB®CAD system provides online preview and download service of 3D files of Plastic bearings, Linear bearings, Spherical plain bearings, Filament-wound bearings, linear guides, Linear modules, Cable chains and other products produced by CSB®; You can select the product group and product. If you know the CSB® product part number, you can search for the product information in the search box above by part number or you can directly click to view the CAD files on the product details page of our official website. You can directly preview the 3D model online on our CAD system, different angle views are available, or you can use the mouse to rotate and zoom in the 3D model freely. You can select the required CAD format, and download it to your computer and to assemble it directly into your device model.

High-speed Linear Motion System[NEW2021]

CSB® has launched the high-speed linear motion system, including the sliding carriges with the wear-resistant composite TEFPLAS® sliding unit, and the aluminum alloy guide rail with hard anodized sliding surface, The linear guide system suitable for the operations at high speeds and extrimal temperatures. The linear drives provides a new solution for free-maintenance and noise-free operation.


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