New inch size series of CSB-LIN®P precision linear bearings [NEW2022]

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CSB-LIN®P precision linear bearings have the same dimensional accuracy as metal ball linear bearings, but with higher load carrying capacity and extremely low operating noise. The liners are made of TEFPLAS® compounds developed for maintenance-free and low friction coefficient, LINP linear bearings suitable for ± 200 ℃ operation temperature; LINP small gap operation with TEFPLAS® materials will not damage to the shaft and can clean the surface dirt. 

New series:

LINPB-11R-IN Precision linear bearings

LINPB-11RK-IN Opening precision linear bearings

LINPB-11RT-IN Flange precision linear bearings

LINPB-11G-IN Precision linear bearing housings

LINPB-11GK-IN Precision linear bearing housings


Sliding layer materials TEFPLAS®

TEFPLAS® B is a standard sliding layer material. It combines high load bearing and wear resistance performance , suitable for hard shafts ≥HRC35 or hard anodized aluminum shafts.

TEFPLAS® G has excellent wear resistance, suitable for hard shafts or hard anodized aluminum shafts.

TEFPLAS® E FDA food contact safety materials, suitable for stainless steel shaft or aluminum shaft.


Friction coef.

dry [u]

Max. static load


Max. dynamic load


Max. PV


Max. Speed ,dry [m/s]

Operation temp.


TEFPLAS® B0.10-0.2520100.71.54.0±200
TEFPLAS® G0.10-0.201680.61.03.0±200
TEFPLAS® E0.05-0.181260.41.02.0±200

***For operation under extreme high temperature, it is necessary to consider increasing the fitting clearance to avoid stagnation caused by the high temperature expansion of the shaft and bearing. Please contact us.

CSB-LIN® P Chemical resistance

TEFPLAS® materials stand up to harsh environments and provide excellent performance in a submerged condition. TEFPLAS® B: the fillers in the material can be attacked by deionized water and other harsh chemicals.
TEFPLAS® G and TEFPLAS® E : almost universal chemical inertness.
The standard shell material is anodized aluminum of CSB-LIN® P precision linear bearings: good chemical resistance in most industrial applications, 316 stainless steel shell are available for corrosion resistance in harsh environments

CSB-LIN® P Factors affecting wear rate and life

Affecting the life of CSB-LIN®P precision linear bearings: surface roughness, hardness and dimensional accuracy of the shaft
Recommend shafts for the best performance:
 ●Shaft diameter tolerance h6-h7, suitable for all TEFPLAS® materials
 ●Surface roughness Ra0.2-0.4, suitable for all TEFPLAS® materials
 ●Surface hardness HRC50, according to different TEFPLAS® materials and the soft shafts are available


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