CSB® bearings for warehouse logistics

EPB series plastic plain bearings and CRB filament-wound bearings can be used in materials transport systems and parts that must operate for long periods with oiling, such as in difficult-to-reach locations.


EPB3 plastic plain bearings: used in the rotation mechanism of forklifts' raising and tilting supports to achieve permanent maintenance-free operation;

CRM filament-wound bearings: used on steering cylinder ear rings for oil-free lubrication operation;

Lifting Platform

EPB22 plastic plain bearings: used in the scissor fork shaft holes of lift platform trucks for oil-free noiseless operation and excellent dry friction performance;

CRM filament-wound bearings: can be used on lift cylinder ear rings for maintenance-free operation;

Automatic Storage

EPB18 plastic sleeves: can be used in the conveyor systems of automated multi-level warehouses;

IN plastic linear bearings: can be used in goods positioning mechanisms of automated multi-level warehouse;


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