CSB® bearings for Industry solutions

CSB series plastic plain bearings have been used in the design of numerous lightweight products requiring permanent self-lubrication, low noise, and long operating life.

Gate Channel

EPB7 plastic plain bearings: these wear resistance specialists can be used in the swinging mechanism of gate channel to ensure long-term maintenance-free outdoor operation;


EPB13 and EPB5A plastic plain bearings can be used in the food industry and high-frequency cylinder EPB3 plastic plain bearings can be used in the guide bushes of short-travel cylinder; PPR plastic piston rings can be used to replace conventional PTFE turned rings in cylinder;

Larce Ink-fire Printer

LIN plastic linear bearings: can be used in the paper thickness print height adjustment mechanisms of larce ink-fire printer;

HV Disconnecting Switch

EPB3 plastic plain bearings: withstand high voltages and offer corrosion resistance; can be used to ensure the trouble-free intermittent operation outdoor high-voltage isolation switches;

Diaphragm Pump

EPB7 plastic sleeves: superb abrasion resistance; can ensure continuous operation of diaphragm pumps;

Hydraulic Steering Cylinder

EPB13 plastic sleeves: can be used on hydraulic corner cylinders to achieve leak-free operation at high and low temperatures;

Positioning Sensor

LIN00 all-plastic linear bearings: can be used in positioning sensor guide rods to achieve maintenance-free, silent operation;


Dome Valve

CRP fiber-wound bearing can be used in the valve gate swinging shaft of dome valves to ensure permanent maintenance-free operation;

Telpher rope support mechanism

EPB22 plastic plain bearings are used in telpher rope clamping mechanisms to withstand high loads and operate outdoors without maintenance;
CRM filament-wound bearings are used for rope brake mechanism;

Frog Toy

EPB plastic sleeves: can be used in the roller swinging and folding components of three wheel scooter to ensure effective outdoor operation without need for lubrication;

Electric Sofa

EPB3 plastic sleeves: self-lubricating and maintenance-free; can be used in electric sofa adjustment mechanisms;


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