“Going The Distance” Research Activities of CSB Group to Help Children See The World

On August 18, under the leadership of the staff of Qingxi Group Baomai Company, the children came to Changsheng Sliding Bearing Co., Ltd., a listed company(Here after CSB Bearing) in Jiashan, Zhejiang, for offline learning and visits.

New version of CSB website is online

Updated Version of CSB® Website is Newly Released and Put Online Since April 2020. The updates of website is not only to help customer speed up finding the products information precisely, but also release new products of ALB series High-speed ...

New Workshop Improves the Productivity of Linear Guide Rail Modules & Plastic Cable Drag Chains

CSB® invested a 50,000㎡ new workshop and put into use in May 2019. New workshop will further promote the production capacity and lead time for the Linear Guide Rail Modules and Plastic Cable Drag Chains. CSB® expanded the scale of the inspection center as well as put into use of Plastic Material Friction and Wear Test Machine, Plastic Bearing Life and Endurance Test Machine, Plastic Cable Drag Chain Durability Test Machine, etc…. It makes CSB® further provide customers a better product performance guarantee.

Service Entry of CSB-PCC® Plastic Cable Drag Chain Durability Test Machine

The Plastic Cable Drag Chain Durability Test Machine for CSB-PCC® has put into use in the inspection center. This machine can provide the test for the Plastic Cable Drag Chain as follow: Micro Cable Drag Chain C01, Open-Designed Micro Cable ...

CSB® listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange successfully

November 6th, 2017, a clarion Bell, Zhejiang Changsheng Sliding Bearings Co.,Ltd successfully listed itself on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

CSB® 20th anniversary and new factory completed celebration

February 8th, 2016, it is the 20th anniversary and new factory completed celebration for Zhejiang Changsheng Sliding Bearings Co.,Ltd. CSB held a colorful sports meeting in the morning. Each department sent representatives to take part in different sports, such as tug-of-war, table tennis, and long-distance running and so on, which fully demonstrated the spirit of CSB people who are full of energy, brave, and positive.

CSB's production capacity of Filament-Wound Bearings increased by 6 times

The CSB specialized R&D team has completed the transformation of the filament winding bearing production line. All the equipment of the production line has been renovated and combined perfectly with CSB's unique specialized technology by studying and improving every detail of quality and efficiency for the machines. Now the production capacity is 6 times more than previous time according to the latest production line capacity, shortening the lead time of filament-wound bearings. It is worth to mention that all transmission bearings of the equipments are made of CSB's own engineering plastic bearings which work in the harsh environment. That leads to less troubles of maintenance or repair for machines during production, whether the Plastic Linear Bearings move in dust or EPB8 Engineering Plastic Bearings work under water.

CSB headquarters is about to move to a new address

The CSB's new headquarters building covers an area of 120,000㎡. The construction began in April 2013, was completed by the end of 2015. The new headquarters will further provide integrated office efficiency, and improve the production capacity rapidly by input of new production lines. The quality of bearings is still the prior element of the work of all CSB people. CSB will input a lot of process automatic detection machines and finished product performance testing equipments to ensure that each CSB product is qualified when assembled by customers. Modern production lines, clean and tidy staff dining room and recreational facilities will bring a new working experience to every CSB employee.

CSB Established a R&D Team for Engineering Plastic Joint Bearings

CSB confirmed this project and formed a R&D team for engineering plastic joint bearings in May 2015. The project mainly includes the following products: all plastic joint bearings, plastic angular bearings, flange joint bearings, rod end joint bearings..., and extended development products from BAL plastic joint sphere. The project is expected to complete all development and performance testing work in June 2016, and carry out market promotion in July 2016.

CSB Forms a R&D Team for LMS Linear Drive System

CSB determined and formed a R&D team for LMS linear drive system in June 2014. The research and development projects as follow: anodized aluminym long shaft, V-shaped linear guide rail and slider, stepmotor synchronous belt transmission 3D module, etc.... The products are planned to enter the market in July 2016.


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