New standard sheets of EPB13 material for high wear-resistant applications [NEW2022]

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EPB13 material has been widely used in automation equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, food packaging and beverage filling industries as high wear-resistant plastic linear bearings, plastic bearings and other bearing products; at the same time, as a wear-resistant plastic sheet, it can be used for processing and is not suitable for injection molding Process thick-walled parts, wear-resistant sliding plates, wear-resistant plastic screw nuts and other industrial parts. CSB® Plastic Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. has added 3 standard specification stocks of EPB13 maerial sheets, which can meet the 24-hour delivery requirement.

New standard sheet stocks:




CSB® Plastic Composite Sheets.png

High wear-resistant material sheet made of EPB13 standard material, standard sheet is available in various specifications: width 600mm, length 1200mm, thickness from 6mm to 30mm..

● Continuous working temperature: -50/+90℃
● Maintenance-free dry operation
● Small wear off amount against various shaft materials
● Lower friction
● Suitable for soft shaft
● Low water absorption

CSB® also provides highly wear-resistant rods made of EPB13 standard materials. Standard round rods are available in various specifications: length 1000mm, diameter from 15mm to 65mm, which can be used for rapid machining of plastic bearing samples and machining wear-resistant Plastic nuts, thick-walled or non-standard bearings

Machining of EPB13 high wear-resistant plates and bars can use rapid cutting steel and alloy steel tools, etc., but it is necessary to ensure that the tools are sharp; the processing parameters are as follows:   

Clearance angle
Rake angle0-8°0-15°5-30°
Setting angle45-60°--
Tip angle--90-130°
Cutting speed100-500 m/min80-500 m/min20-200 m/min
Feed rate0.05-0.5 mm/rpm0.02-0.3 mm/rpm0.02-0.3 mm/rpm


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