ALBP High-precision sliding bearings [NEW2023]

Date:2023-05-11 15:23:48      Hits:2871

CSB® has launched the ALBP High-precision sliding bearings . Sliding layer materials TEFPLAS® P FDA food contact safety materials, suitable for soft shafts. The standard bearing back material is light-weight and high-strength aluminum alloy. When the bearing is used in applications with high requirements for corrosion resistance, it is recommended to use stainless steel back;

● Sliding layer with FDA grade material TEFPLAS® P

● Shell made of aluminum, available stainless steel

● High precision requirement

● Self-lubricating, maintenance-free

● Smooth operation, no noise

● High-speed operation and longer life

● Operation temperature ±200℃

● Loctite Adhesive is recommended to secure the bushing



***For operation under extreme high temperature, it is necessary to consider increasing the fitting clearance to avoid stagnation caused by the high temperature expansion of the shaft and bearing. Please contact us.

CSB® will continue to explore and improve product performance, meet the new requirements of various industries for self-lubricating bearings, and provide you with more reliable and faster services...


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