CSB-ALB® High-speed sliding bearings

Product properties

●Standard material of sliding layer: TEFPLASTM B

Available materials: TEFPLASTM G and FDA grade TEFPLASTM E

●Shell made of aluminum, available stainless steel

●Self-lubricating, maintenance-free

●Smooth operation, no noise

●High-speed operation and longer life

●Operation temperature ±200℃

●Suitable for rotation, swing and linear motion

CSB-ALB® High-speed sliding bearings, Metric

Sliding layer materials TEFPLASTM

TEFPLASTM B is a standard sliding layer material. It combines high load bearing and wear resistance performance , suitable for hard shaft HRC35 or higher.

TEFPLASTM G has excellent wear resistance, suitable for hard shaft, stainless steel shaft or aluminum shaft.

TEFPLASTM E FDA food contact safety materials, suitable for stainless steel shaft or aluminum shaft.


Friction coef.

dry [u]

Max. static load


Max. dynamic load


Max. PV


Max. Speed ,dry [m/s]

Operation temp.


TEFPLASTM B0.10-0.2520100.71.54.0±200
TEFPLASTM G0.10-0.201680.61.03.0±200
TEFPLASTM E0.05-0.181260.41.02.0±200

***For operation under extreme high temperature, it is necessary to consider increasing the fitting clearance to avoid stagnation caused by the high temperature expansion of the shaft and bearing. Please contact us.

Precision shafts
Precision shafts

AS: Hard anodized aluminum shaft, the best shaft for LIN linear bearings; CS: Hard-chromed steel shaft, the effective-cost shaft; ES: 304 Stainless steel shaft, the best for chemical liquid; Shaft end processing service...


CSB-ALB® High-speed Sliding Bearings

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Time 03-2020
No. CSB/CAT.052


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