High Wear-resistant Filament-wound Bearing: CRW for Water Application was Developed Successfully

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Filament-wound bearings are favored by users for the best performance of dry friction. The main reason is that filament-wound bearings have the bearing capacity of metal sliding bearings and meanwhile are more suitable for complete dry friction which is different from metal sliding bearings, realizing permanent dry friction with free maintain. CSB has proved the superior load-bearing performance and wear-resistant performance of filament-wound bearings under dry friction through a large number of actual long-term applications by users.

Filament-wound bearings have the excellent static load-bearing capacity of 240Mpa and the dynamic load of 100MPa. It offers an excellent choice for those motion mechanisms works under water for design engineers. However, CRM, CRB, CRG series high-load filament-wound bearings are only showing its best performance under dry friction. It puts forward a new application topic of filament-wound bearings for CSB bearing material R&D engineers. CSB has established a R&D team for high-wear-resistant filament-wound bearings using under water in early 2012. CSB launched the underwater filament-wound bearing CRW in September 2013 after the theoretical Design and extensive tests. The material development engineer changed the lubricant composition from dry friction to water lubrication based on the original dry friction material theory, while the wear-resistant bearing matrix remained unchanged. The Filament-wound bearings CRW are designed to have 5 times higher wear-resistance under water lubrication than dry friction after further verification through cross-over tails

Bearing design goals; CRW fiber-wound bearings have been successfully obtained in hydropower stations and tidal power stations Successful application. It has met the bearing design goals on both long-term experimental tests and actual use tests. CRW filament-wound bearings have been successfully applied in hydropower stations and tidal power stations.

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