Plastic ball bearings and ball transfer units [NEW2022]

Date:2022-07-17 13:31:29      Hits:3090

The inner and outer races and cages of CSB-PRB® plastic ball bearings are made of high-performance plastics, and the ball materials can be selected from stainless steel, glass, ceramics, etc.; PRB plastic rolling bearings have good self-lubricating performance and corrosion resistance; Plastic ball bearings have higher operating speeds than CSB-EPB® plastic plain bearings, CSB-PRB® plastic ball bearings require small driving force and are suitable for use as follower bearings.
The flange ball bearings and the ball bearing blocks further expand the use characteristics of the plastic ball bearings, and ensure the requirements of low friction coefficient and small driving force, realize the automatic centering function, and solve the problem of the installation center error of the plastic ball bearings.
In 2022, CSB® upgraded the optimized combination of plastic ball bearings, which further expanded the applicability of PRB plastic ball bearings. CSB® also design non-standard customized bearing products for customer.

Plastic ball bearings

In comparison to steel units, ball transfer units out of plastics are non-conductive, resistant to acid and lye, no lubrication, maintenance-free low friction, low weight (up to 70 % less), appropriate for vacuum or pressure, saltwater-proof, free of metallic components depending on selection of materials, transport of fragile goods such as glass, available use in explosive atmosphere and aseptic areas (e. g. medical technology), customized design possible.


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