New Self-aligning Plastic Bearings [NEW2022]

Date:2022-02-08 22:33:49      Hits:2957

CSB-BAL®  standard plastic spherical bearings with self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant, lightweight design and automatic compensation of installation deviation. It has been used in packaging machinery, automation industry, etc.; based on the user's demand for lower driving force and higher dimensional stability to meet the requirements of performance and other requirements, CSB® engineers combined CSB-BAL® plastic spherical bearings with CSB-PRB® plastic ball bearings to launch a new -BB series self-aligning plastic ball bearings with lower driving force, CSB-BAL® plastic spherical bearings combined with CSB-ALB® high-speed plain bearings, the new -ALG series self-aligning plastic spherical bearings with higher running speed and dimensional stability are launched.

 -BB series self-aligning plastic ball bearings
  ● Dry operation and maintenance-free
  ● Compensation of misalignment errors
  ● Absolute corrosion resistance
  ● Smooth running and no noise
  ● Long-term application temperature:-40°C-80°C
  ● Housing high-strength material: CSB® M163
  ● Bearing material: Rings-POM, Cage-PA, Balls-Stainless steel or glass

 -ALG series self-aligning plastic spherical bearings
  ● Anti-wear plastic ball with high speed sliding bushing ALG
  ● Housing made of high strength material M163
  ● High speed up to 1m/s
  ● Maintenance-free dry operation
  ● High dimensional stability
  ● Compensation of misalignment errors
  ● Very light, easy installation



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