Maintenance-free roller linear guides [NEW2022]

Date:2022-07-01 10:15:28      Hits:3296

    In some applications, in addition to maintenance-free and clean requirements, linear motion guides also require a small drive force. Traditional sliding maintenance-free linear guides cannot achieve lower drive force due to material technical limitations. CSB® currently introduces maintenance-free roller guides. The rollers made of wear-resistant composite materials with rolling bearings inside, and the driving force is about 10% of sliding carriages; the guide rail and the mounting plate of the rolling carriages are made of light aluminum alloy; The rolling carriages with the gap compensation adjustment device, which can realize almost zero gap operation. Installation threaded holes are consistent with the standard ball sliders. Very suitable for high speed applications, the speed up to 10m/s; the maximum operating temperature up to 120℃; , CSB® can design more roller slides upon request.

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